In addition to receiving an honorarium for insights and experiences, our knowledge providers give our clients the informal, inside look into trends and new treatment options that are under development. Surveys are anonymous and your information is not used for any other purpose nor is it sold.

Our knowledge providers include:

Physicians and Healthcare Professionals

Doctors and healthcare professionals help to improve treatment options by sharing their opinions about the products and services that can most benefit both them and their patients.

Hospital And Office-Based Administrators

Hospital administrators and office staff across all healthcare environments, from academic to multi-specialty group organizations, help our clients to understand the changing landscape of the healthcare industry.

Key Opinion Leaders

As the best in class experts in their specialty, key opinion leaders are critical in our research partnerships.

Managed Care Executives

Medical directors and pharmacy directors are experts across various disciplines and provide an understanding of the tactical and strategic issues facing the healthcare industry today.


Healthcare, pharmaceutical, and medical device companies count on your experience. Through interviews and online surveys, patients are helping to improve and shape the future of healthcare.